Want to access our PV_Live estimates through an API?

The PV_Live web API (Application Programming Interface) provides access to the LIVE estimate of PV generation in the UK. It returns a computer friendly (JSON) response for use in software, websites, apps etc.

For technical details of how to use the API, including examples, see the PV_Live API v2 User Guide.

For a Python implementation of the API, check out the PV_Live-API project on GitHub. N.B. The code on GitHub was updated on 2019-03-19 to use the new PV_Live API v2.

Updated March 2019! On 4th March 2019 we released a new version (v2) of the PV_Live API that offers improved modelling of regional PV_Live results. Regional PV outturn is now aggregated to Public Electricity Supplier (PES) region (a.k.a GSP Group region or DNO License Area). If you’d like to access regional results aggregated to individual GSPs, contact us to find out more. The previous version of the API (v1) will be discontinued on 1st May 2018, so please update your scripts before then to avoid any downtime!

Warning! We are actively developing the PV_Live API, so we may change the base-url, end-points, authentication, response format etc. If you want to be notified of any changes to the API in advance, please email solar@shef.ac.uk and we’ll add you to our mailing list (the list is only used to provide updates about PV_Live, you won’t be spammed with newsletters and we won’t share any information with any third parties).

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